about this blog

Hopefully you are here because you visited my blog and want to comment about it.  I appreciate hearing from you very much.

I'm not blogging becasue I feel I have something important to say about the big things in life.  In fact, it's just the opposite.  I began this blog because some little things lately have been telling me to stop and look and listen...and share.

I'm sure my age has something to do with all this chatter coming from 3:am peek-a-boo moons and winter white suns shining through late afternoon skies.  People in their late Autumn years have a kind of heightened senses of the soul.  I'm sure this is God's way of making up for the fading of our pyhsical senses.  

Sorry I'm no Emily Dickenson or Robert Frost or John Donne (though they have become a part of me).  I'm simply a woman who wants to share some of the little things she is noticing every day in the Autumn of her years...like the indescribable feeling she gets when November comes or when snowflakes fall.

Thank you again for visiting my blog.  

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